pilar dellano ma

I work with individuals, relationships, and families in the Bay Area, who are seeking collaborative & creative psychotherapy.

  • Do you identify as a survivor, iconoclast, underdog, outsider, punk, or perfectionist? 
  • Is there is a part of you that you find shameful, confusing, embarrassing, or too dark to talk about? 
  • If so, youʼre in the right place.

Over time, you'll learn to meet these unique parts of you, with an attitude of curiosity, compassion and love. Therapy is a singular process of reflection and self-discovery, which brings us into direct contact with our experience of being fully alive in the present moment. 

I draw from many therapeutic orientations and influences, including attachment theory, mindfulness, somatic therapy, and neuroscience. At heart, however, I am gestalt therapist. In a nutshell, this means that I hold dear the principles of curiosity, awareness, inter-dependence, and self-responsibility. I help clients notice what they’re doing, how they’re doing it, how they can move towards where they want to be, while bringing full acceptance to the here and now.

One doesn’t discover new lands without being willing to lose sight of the shore
— Gide

Clients describe me as warm, engaging, challenging, kind, creative, playful, and intuitive. I offer a safe and healing space in which to move at your own pace. By using your experience as the focal point of our work, we will come up with active ways to expand your awareness, and confront whatever is keeping you from the increased creativity, growth and satisfaction that you seek.

I am sex-positive, queer and kink affirmative.  
Y Hablo Español!