How to deal with your partner's sexual past!

It's probably safe to assume that the person you're currently sleeping with, slept with someone else before you. In fact, she might have slept with someone else immediately before sleeping with you, if you're not monogamous. It's also probably safe to assume that she perfected that Rock-a-Bye-Booty you like so much with someone else, and that she realized she was into light spanking with yep, you got it, her Brazilian ex who as she puts it, "helped the flower of her sexuality blossom." (p.s. puke)

I for one, learned the hard way that La Isla Bonita is a silly song to have sex to. That's the kind of invaluable information that I know for sure has been appreciated by my partners.

Some of us don't worry too much about what, (or who) came before us. My own partner, for example, says infuriatingly reasonable things like "It's none of my business," or "It had nothing to do with me." Comments to which I soundly reply by walking away indignantly and cracking open my copy of When Things Fall Apart.

For others - myself included - hearing about our partner's sexual past can be difficult, bringing up feelings of fear, insecurity, and a desire to pierce our eardrums with the nearest q-tip.

You're not cold, overly rational or avoidantly attached for not having feelings about your partner's sexual biography, and you're not weird, broken, or needy if you do. According to a Russian proverb, "jealousy and love are sisters." I suggest you make them sisters who see each other a few times a year and laugh about old times, instead of sisters who share a twin bed and wear each other's clothes. To keep reading go here!

Lonely Forever? No Way.

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