Let’s face it.
In person therapy isn’t for everyone.

  • Perhaps your schedule or budget make regular weekly meetings impossible.
  • Maybe you struggle with social anxiety and just aren’t up for meeting someone new.
  • Perhaps you live too far away from a great therapist.
  • Or maybe you just don’t need weekly support but prefer occasional advice.
  • Or maybe still, you love to communicate over email, finding that you’re more able to express yourself in writing.

Whatever your reason, email coaching offers clients all the convenience of getting support from a professional, without the necessity of face to face meetings. In addition, email coaching is often just a fraction of the cost of regular therapy.

So how does this work?

Use the form below to send me your particular situation, question, struggle, curiosity or concern. Make it as long or as short as your want and make sure to include all the relevant information that you think I’ll need to properly answer your question.

I will write back to you within 48 hours with specific and detailed answers, suggestions, advice, and exercises.

Email coaching has helped my clients:

  • Get immediate support with a time-sensitive question or decision.
  • Work through an upcoming life-change or transition.
  • Ask a question they might find too scary or embarrassing to ask in person.
  • Develop and organize their thoughts in writing.
  • Get support no matter what their schedule, budget or geography looks like.

Name *

How much does this cost and how do we start?

It’s easy. Just find me on Venmo and submit a payment of $75 (per question exchange). Not to worry. All of my transactions are private and confidential.

Next, send me your question or concern.

Lastly, I’ll confirm that I received your payment and your question. You’ll receive my response within 48 hours.

Note: Email coaching is NOT psychotherapy. If you’re interested in that, please click here!