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Full Frontal Cortex

Full Frontal Cortex

Our story begins 12,000 years ago in a sleepy hamlet called paleolithic Egypt. Among boring things like ritual burial sites and harpoons, you’ll find some of the earliest surviving examples of pornography.

Cave drawings depicting nude bodies in exaggerated states of sexual excitement, as well as close-ups of good-old human genitalia have been found in these paleolithic chambers. More recently (2005), archeologists found what they believe to be a 7,200 year old scene of a sexually aroused male body bending over a female figure.

According to my calculations, doggie-style has been around for at least 7,000 years.

We may have traded in our cave walls for computer screens, and our chisels, for hi-definition video cameras, but (as you can tell from your partner's search history), porn is anything but on the decline.

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