Sex is a window to fantasy, insight, intimacy, pleasure & self-awareness.

Meeting our sexual selves in the spirit of inquiry and curiosity can bring about radical transformation and profound acceptance of ourselves and our relationships. For some of us, however, the topic of sex can incite feelings of shame, vulnerability or discomfort, making it difficult to talk about, even with someone we trust.

I offer specialized sexuality services to individuals in and out of relationships, who want to (re)discover their sexual selves with love, enthusiasm and compassion.

partner issues include:

  • Sex and a Depressed Partner
  • Attachment Style and Sexual Desire
  • Sustainable Polyamory
  • Sexual Desire Gaps
  • Jealousy
  • Sex Work and Relationships
  • How to Have Better Sex
  • Opening Up a Relationship
  • Sex After an Affair
  • Sexless Relationships
  • Sex Life after Baby 

For some folks, this looks like:

  • Realizing for the First Time that they are Sexual Beings
  • Learning to Set Boundaries in the Bedroom
  • Learning How to Communicate their Sexual Wants and Needs
  • Coming to Terms with their Sexuality
  • Coming Out as Kinky
  • Dealing with Rejection 
  • Overcoming Sexual Trauma
  • Understanding Sexual Desire
  • Celebrating Asexuality
  • Expanding Sexual Horizons 
  • Understanding Consent