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How your red flags will keep you together forever!

How your red flags will keep you together forever!

Let's be honest. Most of us have an ongoing list of reasons that WE JUST KNOW, render us utterly undatable, keeping us lonely forever. My list may or may not include items such as: 

  • Not exactly over my ex. 
  • I'm a total know it all. 
  • Violently competitive. 
  • Inexplicable need to use foul language around children. 

If you're like me, you keep the list in your wallet so you can show dates when there's an awkward silence over dinner. 

Others take another route, and try to hide these qualities, feeling ashamed or embarrassed of them. This plan often back-fires somewhere around the 4th month of the relationship, in which words like "sister wife," "sleep apnea machine," or "family week at rehab," enter the daily lexicon of the relationship, to your partner's astonishment and probable disappointment. 

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